• Lou Stacey


So......this is my new blog and I hope over time this will become an area for reflection, for myself and those that read it, as well as, insight into my practise and who I am.

I'm aware that many of my clients come to me when they feel they have met their edge, tolerance for their world is being challenged or quite literallly they have hit a brick wall, no longer feeling able to get over or around. And in some unfortunate cases, a deep dark hole they feel they cannot climb out of.

I have experienced times of great emotional disturbance and joy on the treadmill of life and knowing what I do now is my biggest motivator for trying to help people to help themselves get to a place of 'I'm OK' and on the road to thriving, not just surviving.

So this is it! This is the place that I hope to communicate with you some of my clinical experiences to help you reflect, talk, walk and get creative with your own personal journey to yourself and your needs.

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