How I Work

My specialism is helping people with low self esteem, confidence issues and Generalized Anxiety.

I have a professional and personal interest in the impact on the emotional, thinking and physical body our mental health creates and I am passionate about counselling and its ability to help support personal reflection, growth and healing from our distressing thoughts and feelings.


I am extremely aware of the great courage and energy it takes to acknowledge and reach out for support. So I approach my work with great respect. I am compassionate and mindful of the real struggle and the work that it will take you to commit to counselling and the change you are hoping to make happen.

The foundation of my practise is Person-centred, conceptualised by Carl Rogers in the 1940's through to the 80's, which focuses on your unique, personal experiences and values. I also work to integrate other practise models, such as CBT, Mindfulness, Inner Child, Exposure and Response Therapy and Sand Tray work, amongst other ways of working to deepen our exploration and further awareness.

Our initial meeting will be to see how we get on and feel about working together. This is very important if we are to work together and trust one another, so the counselling process can have the best possible chance of effectiveness. I  believe you will get the best outcome if you feel comfortable and trusting. So at this initial stage if you wish to get counselling elsewhere or shop around, please do - I will not be offended. Likewise, if I feel you would benefit from more specialist intervention or the work would be outside my competency I will endeavour to signpost you and/or refer you to a service better suited to help.



If working together is agreed at this initial session we will also agree our working arrangements, such as, regularity of sessions, payment method/amount, goal for therapy if there is one and whether you would like brief short term focussed sessions or more long term support. 

Once we have had our initial session and are happy to work with one another your sessions will be booked at the agreed location and time. 

Once we begin working  together regularly, I aim to support you through our exploration of the thoughts and feelings causing you distress, so that you can find the strength from within to find the best way forward.  

Below is a list of issues I work with. If you do not see within this list the personal area of distress you currently find yourself in, do not hesitate to contact me. As mentioned I work with individuals and their own personal experiences and feelings, so regardless of the label attached to the situation, your feelings are the focus and the thing that matters the most. 


Areas of counselling I work with;



Domestic Violence

Emotional Abuse

Physical abuse

Sexual Abuse

Anger Management


Generalized anxiety disorder




Career counselling


Feeling sad

Post-natal depression

Pre-natal depression


Disordered eating



Low self-esteem

Low self-confidence


OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)



Relationship problems (Individuals)

Affairs and betrayals (Individuals)

Family issues

Separation and divorce (Individuals)

Self harm

Sex problems




Suicidal thoughts

Work-related stress