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What  I Offer Continued.......


The art of Counselling is that it can help bring the unconscious mind to the surface allowing a wealth of self awareness for better understanding of our thoughts, feelings and behaviours in certain situations, paving the way to change and personal choice.


Coping Strategies

Exercises and practises to build into daily life or times of distress to help ease experiences and cross the threshold of discomfort, whilst working towards a long term maintenance practise and understanding of self care for future self soothing needs.

Supported Change

For many making changes, even if you  know they are for the better in the long run, can be extremly difficult and scary. I aim to support you and help you navigate changes for you long term health and contentment. 

Unconditional Positive Regard

I invite you to not judge yourself or the situation you find yourself in and I will work with you to build a broader understanding of the human condition to encourage compassion and empathy for yourself and those close to you. Just as I will welcome you as you are, when we meet and continue to work with one another.


Online working via Video Conferencing

Means no travel time or parking issues to consider and direct access from the comfort of your own home, minimising stressers and additional costs, with quick access to appointments.

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