Lou Stacey 



A calm environment to talk and espress how you feel
Listening to understand, not judge
 Face to face therapy in person or via video link
Compassion, respect and support
My Approach

The foundation of my practice is Person-centred - I work with people as individuals with their own unique experience, beliefs and values.

I aim to build a therapeutic relationship based on mutual trust and respect. Encouraging and supporting expression of thoughts and feelingss with the hope of enabling individuals to help themselves through gained insight and  deeper connection to Self.

About me

My name is Lou (Louise). I am a Mother, a Wife, a Daughter, a Sister and a Friend. I am Human; with experience of Mental Health issues and challenging life experiences. I have worked for several years for an organisation which offers a low cost counselling service to enable easier access to those on low incomes.

I offer my professional, personal and training experiences to help you to be your best possible self.

Getting Help

Below are a small  number of areas I have experience working in. A comprehensive list can be found by clicking 'Learn More' above.


Self Esteem


Anger Management


Thank you for all you have given me Louise

S.  Age 57